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teak bathroom basins
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Root – Our root basins and hand carved from natural pieces of Teak root sourced directly from the plantations. Each one is lovingly shaped and sanded ultrasmooth. Drilled for a standard basin fitting, no two are alike. For the shopper who is looking for the truly natural look, this is the one to go for. Available in four different sizes and sealed with a hi-tech Polyurethane lacquer so it is protected from the testing bathroom environment.

teak root basins


teak root basins Wildwater teak root basins Waduh
Root – wastafel akar kami diukir secara tradisional dari akar jati utuh yang langsung diambil dari perkebunan jati. masing- masing memiliki bentuk yang memikat dan diamplas dengan sangat halus. Memiliki lubang air standart, model tidak ada yang sama. Dikhususkan untuk anda yang menyukai bentuk-bentuk alami. Tersedia dalam 4 ukuran dan dilapisi menggunakan hi-tech Polyurethane sehingga wastafel anda akan terlindungi.  

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We sell to the trade only!

If the models does not correspond to what you are looking for , we would be happy to produce it for you, providing we have the confidence to make it with our exacting construction methods. We have an in house design service and can provide concept drawings and prices of new models or your designs before we start manufacturing, or you just provide use with some detailed drawings.

CV Doubleyou Projetcs Indonesia, with the factories and offices located in Central Java is a manufacturer of bathroom furniture and kitchen furniture, manufactured in several wood species as teak, oak and mahogany.
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